Have a Rosy Father’s Day

When I think of dads, I think of real men. You know the big guys carrying little dogs or the ones playing gently with small kids. The men who have nothing to prove about their masculinity. They don’t need tough dogs or massive alcoholic fruit bombs. They know who they are.

This bring me to rosé. On my mind a a fav wine when at a picnic on a warm day spent chowing on a variety of different yummy foods.

Last year and this year, my pick has been a wine for under $20 from the Basque region of Spain, the 2010 Ameztoi Rubentis Getariako Txakolina. The 2009 vintage has a decidedly watermelon rind like quality to it that would have made my late-great-dog Megan happy (she loved chomping on watermelon rinds). The latest vision still has watermelon on the nose (though less on palate, strawberry fruit more prominent there),  the same good minerality that I crave but more of a sea-air tinge and taste of lime than 2009. The slight fizz works — it all works. Had it with a game hen that I marinate in limes and cachaca (and a few secret ingredients) but can’t wait to try with grilled sardines.

It too knows what is it and is so good that even the rosé skeptics might venture a glass or two (at less than 11% alcohol, it goes down easy-fast-painlessly.)

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