Zen and the Art of Swirling Sediment

This evening the fun in the glass was Chateau Berliquet 2000 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru. Now about expectations: it was a Right Bank Bordeaux and so dominated by Merlot but from a heralded vintage. I had hoped for “wow” but for the price (about $50) found it pleasing but unimpressive. And I snatched it from my cellar a tad too early. Ok, mea culpa, but what did I learn?

The fruit there is surprising but saved by herbal notes, a tinge of dusty cocoa and relatively smooth tannins after it opened up a bit.  Yes, it has some finesse but a little too much jammy fruit and too modern in style for my taste and so would not buy again. It was a recommendation from a sales clerk who obviously did not know me very well.

Had it with my steak, mushrooms and sunchokes meal but wish I had it with wild boar or quail. Bring on the game with this wine.

Naturally, there was the real game at the end:  what to do with all that chunky red stuff in the glass?  My husband taught me the slow swirl and sip. It’s really something of a meditation. In the end, you also feel triumphant for not letting the sediment get the best of you.

So wait a little on this 2000 Bordeaux and then give me a call. Since the wine is on you, I’ll make you a dinner to pair with it that will make your heart sing.

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  1. bench jacke herren winter
    This can be something I need to do more research into, appreciate the posting.

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