Democratizing Winemaking?: Tasting in the Grass at Crushpad

Take two wine geek stripes off my shoulder pad; I went to a tasting without my note book. Also, I thought I had to take home a list of wines offered but my husband swears the woman at the cash register snatched it from him. And so I can only tell you of the wine that is and the wine that might have been (mine):

I tasted two 2009 Pinots from Fielding Porter, both sourced from the Santa Lucia Highlands – one from a single vineyard called the Doctor’s Vineyard and the other from a blend of three different vineyards (including the doctor). The one from the single vineyard was having an identity crisis – am I a Syrah or a Pinot?  The cuvee on the other hand knew about Pinot (albeit one from California, not France or Oregon) is about: it had good acidity, cherry fruit but not the funk that I like in Burgundy. What the heck, it was good, drinkable California deliciousness in a bottle and so I scored two bottles at only $15 each. What a deal.

The other one was a 2005 Napa Cabernet from Bodhi. Though this baby was in need of more time in the bottle, it was quite yummy, balanced and interesting, especially when compared to the big, dark fruit, heavy-metal style Cab with which it shared a tasting table. Good balance and a hint of violets like a Fleurie but I passed even thought price tag was $20. My partner-in-wine said, if you want Fleurie-like violets, then go get a Fleurie! Can’t argue with that. CA Pinot is no real substitute for Cru Beaujolais (and shouldn’t be).

Anyway, Crushpad had a super event and if you ever want to make your own wine, no need to sell everything you own (and then some) to buy the set up. Crushpad is bringing winemaking to the little guy, and you gotta like that – well, I do. They are even doing crowdfunding of winemaking. Check them out

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