Discovering Mediterranean Island Wines of a Mixed Heritage

Discovering Mediterranean Island Wines of a Mixed Heritage

I want Corsica; give me Corsica – that is France, by the way, not Italy.

Today at a packed tasting (as in I have never seen so many people here, especially with more not-the-usual thing wines) at the San Francisco Wine Trading Company got to know 8 wines from Corsica imported by Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant.

When I asked a fellow taster what he thought of the wines, he mentioned that he is not fond of Italian wines – hmm, rather than go into a geography lesson, I nodded. However, I can see why he would be confused since Corsica was once like nearby Sardinia a part of the Roman Empire.

Still, it’s part of France but more than a bit tinged with Italian wine influences as three of the whites tasted have Vermentino in them and several of the reds have an indigenous variety called Niellucciu – a supposed relative of Sangiovese.

Fun tasting of nine different wines– definitely not the usual thing (though the sour cherry of a Chianti was present in more than one of the reds).

What I took away in the 6-pack wine caddy:

2010 Domaine Maestracci, white Corse Calvi “E Prove” – briny and bracing, will sip  in lieu of a good Muscadet

2010 Domaine Yves Leccia, white Corse “Biancu Gentile” – a rich white with weight, honeysuckle on nose and a richness that begs for more

2010 Domaine Maestracci. Red Corse Calvi “Clos Regina” – rustic, earthy bordering on austere but just bordering – bring on anything with this steel-tanked quaffer

2010 Domaine de Gioieilli, red Vin De Pays Corse “L’ile de Beautie” – sour cherry and lavender all wrapped up in a pleasnt barnyartd and hay package

2010 Domaine Leccia, red Vin de Pays Corse  – my fav, balanced and well integrated with wild raspberries and flowers on the nose and a pop of pepper and herbs – got 2 bottles of this one

Photo of some of the 5 reds was uninspired – tired today – promise to do better next time!

Keep exploring and surprising yourself about what you really like. (Green eggs and ham, anyone?)

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