The interplay of food and wine is my sweet spot – my obsession and my love. It is about JOY. Not bad for a girl born in Brooklyn who was as far away from terroir as one can be. Fast forward and I found a way to reconnect with nature, with my food (who grows it, where its grown and how its done) and with people like you who love the magic moment when a food and wine matching screams “deliciousness!” But there is more: there is COMMUNITY. The ritual of food and wine connects us to ourselves, the Earth and each other.

My value proposition is simple: INTEGRITY. I promise is share my journey in the world of food and wine with you, to join you for a little jaunt on your own journey, to listen, and to keep both  a sense of wonder and of humor. So let’s start talking and see where it goes. Maybe I can help you find your one true love. So tell me, what do you like?


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